October 7, 2022

How to Rest: Top 5 Apps for Relaxation 

How do you relax? Some just go to sleep, others play PC games or place bets via this bookmaker in Canada. It’s also possible to choose other ways for relaxation. In this case, download one of these apps.


Headspace is one of the most famous and time-tested meditation apps, with many stars and professional psychologists among its fans. The creator of Headspace: Mindful Meditation is former Buddhist monk and mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe, who invented Headspace based on his personal practices. The app allows you to choose the right level of training and offers different programs depending on your goals: to calm down, concentrate, reduce anxiety, or fall asleep better. The basic package includes 10 basic meditation lessons of 10 minutes each. For advanced users, there are over a hundred guided meditations, mini-meditations, children’s practices, and even SOS meditations for emergencies.

Stop Breathe Think

The app helps fight anxiety as well as panic attacks and aggression. The developers believe that stress damages our physical condition, the task of the app is to help cope with it, so the program includes more than 30 courses of meditations, a breath control function and a timer.

Stop Breathe Think can give recommendations to the user based on his emotional state and personal statistics before and after meditation (before using the app surveys how you feel physically and mentally).


The app offers users a rich collection of nature sounds and atmospheric phenomena. Besides, the HD-quality collection provides the opportunity to create your own composition.

The sounds are divided by phenomena, and there are four options:

  • Rain – the pounding of drops on the window, the “voice” of the ocean or sea, the rolling of distant thunder.
  • Nature – the rustle of a stream, waterfall or forest.
  • City – the sound of a train, a subway, a car, an airplane.
  • Meditation – the voice of a flute, oriental instruments, and white noise.

Customizable timer will automatically turn off playing tunes at the set time. Sleepo is a free Android app that doesn’t require an internet connection when used, allowing you to use it at any time and in any location.


One of the most popular apps for relaxation and restful sleep helps users combat stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. Calm offers dozens of meditations to fit any situation, as well as nature sounds and lectures from psychologists and doctors about self-development and health. The beautiful and user-friendly design helps you choose the right program to feel safe, relax before bedtime, boost your self-esteem, or practice a sense of gratitude.

For those who want to develop an ongoing practice, a new Daily Calm meditation is offered each day, and a special 7-day program is available for beginners. With natural sounds and soothing screensavers of mountain scenes, a burning fire, or a lake, the user can relax instantly, even without going into meditation.

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

The Rain Rain Sleep Sounds is the best app for you to enjoy the exceptional quality and naturalness of the sound files on offer. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds offers anxious users an extensive base of sounds to help them fall asleep. Most of them are natural, like rain, rustling wind or leaves. Fans of the urban environment will appreciate the technogenic selection or the purring of a cat or the ticking of a clock. The app can be set to play at a set time interval with an automatic stop, and connect reminders that it’s time to go to sleep. Rain Rain also promises that the layout of the track will be saved in the memory of the device according to personal preference,

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