July 19, 2024

Why Should you Opt for Math Tutor for Class 9?

Class 9 is a very important stage for students when they start applying all the learned mathematical skills to complex problems. The math foundation for these students plays an important role. Class 10 problem sums are majorly similar or a higher version of class 9 math. This is the reason the math tutor for class 9 plays an important role to teach mathematical concepts in a detailed manner.

Polygons – An Important Topic in Class 9 Maths

Polygons mean shapes having many sides(finite). There are many types of polygons. A few of the basic polygons are square, rhombus, triangle, etc. Polygons are two-dimensional figures. They are made of straight lines joined together to form a shape. The points where these lines meet are known as the vertex. Do you think a circle is a polygon? No, though a circle is a two-dimensional figure but is not a polygon as it has no straight line. This shows that all polygons are two-dimensional but not all two-dimensional shapes are polygons. A polygon is formed of straight lines connected, thereby making a shape. A minimum of three consecutive lines are required or connected to form the simplest two-dimensional shape i.e triangle.
A list of basic polygons are:

Triangle – This polygon has three sides connected to each other.
Quadrilateral – This polygon has four sides connected to each other. Example – Square.
Pentagon – This polygon has five sides connected to each other.
Hexagon – This polygon has six sides connected to each other.
Octagon – This polygon has eight sides connected to each other.


Benefits of Math Tutor for Class 9

As mentioned above Class 9 math has difficult or complex math problems, and the students need guidance to learn them or to solve them. Everyone knows about offline after-school classes but online tutoring like cuemath has recently become quite famous for its numerous advantages. Let’s see how?

Comfort – Online classes are internet-based classes and can be attended from anywhere. This helps the student to learn the most difficult topic from the comfort of their home. They also face less distraction and can focus on the lesson being taught.
Expert Teachers – The online math tutors are experts in their field. You get access to various math tutors and get to learn from the best. These tutors are well trained and experienced.
Advanced Curriculum – They have different and latest ways to teach math. Their curriculum is made so that it lets the students stay ahead of their peers.
Personalized Attention – Online classes for math provide one personal attention as they attend their class. They can ask their doubts immediately without waiting for the next day’s class. Not only this, these classes let them learn the concept at their own pace as these are designed just to make them understand the concept rather than for taking their exams.
Live Classes – These online classes are live in that the student can interact with a tutor in order to ask a doubt. This makes the lesson engaging and interesting. The tutors also make sure that the student is interested in the concept by conducting a few interesting activities to keep them busy with learning in a fun way.
Saves Time – Not only these, but online classes also save traveling time for the student. As these can be attended online from the comfort of their home, they do not need to travel to their class.


Both online and offline classes for math have their advantages and disadvantages but online classes have slightly more benefits than offline classes. These were more predominant during pandemics. Online classes acted as a savior for students during these tough times when they couldn’t step out because of the pandemic. Cuemath is the best platform for learning online.


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