March 3, 2024

Which Field is Best in Pursuing Career after 12th Commerce?

We rigidly follow an education system in India since decades that still categorizes students into very general fields – Science, Commerce, and Arts. There are a lot of other unexplored career paths that have their own importance, but still continue to believe that only students in the Science field get the most opportunities and lead comfortable lives. Some people even believe that commerce-associated jobs don’t provide financial security, which is patently false. Well, students who are looking forward to pursuing a career after 12th commercehave a wide range of choices in front of them.

The commerce sector is rapidly expanding, which means there are more job prospects and higher employment rates globally. Many students dream of getting a valuable degree at their desired university and finally end up getting the top-paying jobs in the market. Money is a motivating factor for many students when choosing a career after 12th commerce, second to job satisfaction. So why not make the most of it and go for positions that offer great salaries?  

Top Things That Determine the Best Career After 12th Commerce

The two primary factors that usually contribute to an individual’s job satisfaction are the working conditions and how much the salary is. Other important considerations include whether your skills are being used effectively by the company and if you get along well with your colleagues. Although job satisfaction and salary are both important, they are related in different ways. For example, job satisfaction might refer to the number of hours you work or how your talents are being used by the company, while salary is, of course, mainly determined by how much money you make. Hence, the blend of job satisfaction and salary leads to the best career after 12th commerce and also ensures a comfortable lifestyle.  

Now, let’s discuss what the best career options after 12th commerce are.   

Top & Best Careers in Commerce

1. Sales Manager

A Sales Manager is one of the top-paying jobs for commerce students and one of the best careers in commerce. As a sales Manager, you will be responsible for creating sales plans, maintaining a strong customer base, and increasing the company’s market presence. You will also manage sales representatives and carry out their recruitment, selection, and training. By equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills, you will be able to attract more customers and boost the sales of the company’s products.  

The average salary package of Sales Manager– Rs. 4 to 7 LPA

2. Financial Examiner

A career in finance is one of the most sought-after and lucrative careers in commerce. Financial examiners generally work at financial and banking institutions and are responsible for ensuring the financial institution is adhering to government laws. They also assess balance sheets, bank management, and the risk level of loans.  

The average salary package of Financial Examiner– Rs. 4 to 5 LPA  

3. Management Analyst

Management analysts, or management consultants, work with different departments in an organization to improve efficiency within the team. To do this, they collect and organize information, formulate plans and strategies, and work with the team to meet organizational goals and objectives. After completing a degree in Business Administration or Management, students often explore working as management analysts. A management analyst career offers a high salary and many opportunities to grow in companies on the profiles such as Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Social Media Management, and more!  

The average salary package of a Management Analyst- Rs. 4 to 7 LPA  

4. Investment Analyst

Investment analysts play an essential role in the commerce world as they not only offer a high salary but also promise opportunities in the finance and investment sector. Investment analysts commonly work in securities, hedge funds, and stock brokerages. They carry out extensive research to formulate effective financial models and then provide analytical reports and suggestions on varied types of stocks and investments.  

The average salary package of an Investment Analyst- Rs. 5 to 7 LPA  

5. Budget Analyst

A budget analyst is someone who, as the title suggests, deals with an organization’s budget and finances. They monitor spending and budgeting and usually work in either a private or public organization to help with money management. The role of a budget analyst in a private organization is to mainly focus on the company’s budget and expenditure, as well as coming up with ways to increase revenue and profit. In contrast, a budget analyst working for a public organization would manage the allocation of the budget and be responsible for financial decision-making.  

The average salary package of Budget Analyst-Rs. 6.5 to 21 LPA  

6. Business Consultant

Business consultants usually work alongside their clients in order to help improve business performance in a number of ways, depending on what the client wants to achieve. This might be anything from growing the business or retaining its position in a competitive market. As part of their job, business consultants help business owners identify any problems or issues they’re facing so that they can reach their short and long-term goals. This includes giving advice on how to overcome current obstacles and making recommendations for improvement.  

The average salary package of a business consultant– Rs. 2.6 to 11 LPA  

 The Bottom Line!

These were the best paying and top career options after 12th commerce that are in demand and help you to grow financially. There are many areas of commerce that students can explore. However, most jobs in this field require a high level of skill and the ability to take on responsibilities. Therefore, it is essential that students have relevant experience in job duties before they apply. For this, they can go for internships first.  

Career planning is a tedious task and therefore requires proper guidance and counseling. It is better to consult with unbiased counselors, who can help you in identifying the particular career after 12th commerce that fits well with your interest and pays you well too. At iDreamCareer, they strongly believe in helping young people and talents to find out what they’re really aspiring to and their true potential.

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