July 19, 2024

The entertaining Super50 Cup

There are plenty of interesting one-day cricket competitions all across the world. Whenever they take place you can visit 1xBet – all sports betting Pakistan can be made on those championships.

A particularly interesting example is the Super50 Cup. This competition has served as the most important List A cricket tournament in the West Indies area since 1972. It takes place every year, and its total duration ranges from a few weeks to up to two months, depending on the format. The 1xBet Pakistan website allows punters to make all sports betting on plenty of one-day cricket competitions celebrated in many countries around the world.

History of the competition

Limited overs cricket arrived in the West Indies in 1970. In that year, a squad assembled by the Duke of Norfolk traveled to Barbados in order to play the first ever limited-overs match in that part of the world. Before other great limited-overs cricket matches you can explore the 1xbet.pk/casino and its hundreds of different games.


This match was a resounding success. For this reason, it was decided to create an official List A cricket championship for the entire West Indies. The tournament received the name of Banks Trophy and had its first edition in 1972. However, after the first season the Banks Trophy was immediately terminated. Whenever other List A cricket tournaments are being played you can go to 1xBet and wager on all their matches.

Participant teams and format

Different teams have participated in the Super50 Cup throughout its existence. The most successful of them has been Trinidad and Tobago, who have claimed this trophy more than 10 times. Every time that a match of this tournament is played you can go to the http://1xbet.pk/line/cricket website and make wagers on them.


The other teams who regularly participate in this championship include:


  • Barbados;
  • Guyana;
  • Jamaica;
  • the Leeward Islands;
  • and the Windward Islands.


Normally those six teams begin playing a round-robin where they face each one of their rivals once. After this group stage finished the top four teams go to the semi-finals, while the fifth and sixth placed teams contest the 5th place play-off. All those contests are also present on the 1xBet online bookmaker.


Curiously, despite being a 5th place play-off there is no third place play-off. In other words, the losers of the semifinals don’t play against each other to see who claims the third place of the tournament.

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