December 7, 2023

Refreshing activities for kids

Refreshing activities for kids

Studying all day is not enough of course the mental and physical development of a child. Children in kindergarten schools and middle schools are constantly evolving. Their behavior patterns change by observing other students, their interests change because something new is introduced to them every week. Hence, we cannot expect growing children to focus only on studying. An institute ERP allocates for multiple extracurricular activities. Most of them are in the form of clubs. Teachers also hold interactive and other activity sessions in individual classrooms.


Educators have found digital solutions for introducing varied activities to students through the LMS because of the pandemic. Just because it is unsafe to go outside does not mean that students will be deprived of having fun. It was especially important for growing children because their development would initially stop. Listed below are some of these refreshing activities that can be held online as well as offline;

Painting and drawing


Paint and drawing in between classes is common for kindergarten students, but middle schoolers seldom do it in a classroom. Middle school students usually complete their art or painting projects at home and bring them to school for hanging them on the bulletin board or sharing it with their friends and other classmates. Sharing artworks is also important because we never know which other students might be encouraged to make their works of art.

Story hour


Everyone likes story hour because it is an automatic promise to every student that they would also get to dictate their story. Students love to talk about their unique experiences from a vacation or paranormal and other adventures happenings. Teachers initiate this when they observe students lacking focus. Instead of teaching board students, educators can choose a kind of fun activity that helps in another type of skill development for students. This way they can ensure that students have learned something and also had a refreshing session which will motivate them to study harder and remain productive in the classes later.



Students cannot go outside for field trips either because of parental consent or because of the virus. Teachers can take everyone on a virtual trip by going to this school or going to the location themselves and live video calling. Because an LMS has the live streaming option, carrying out field trips has become even more convenient.

Family activity ideas


Interacting with the family can be very refreshing. Almost every family member is busy catering to their job or household commitments. Fun family activities can bring everyone together even if for a short duration. It does not have to be an elaborate all-day activity, something as simple as eating a fancy dinner together one evening can be a great relief from the everyday routine. Because things get very monotonous when everyone is working from home, families have to come up with simple ideas that are slightly different from their everyday routine to stop themselves from burning out. Burnout in middle school students is also common, initiative for fun activities from the family can fix that.

Digital games


Playing digital games might not sound like a fun activity because a lot of students are addicted to them and tend to play them all day long. This does not invalidate the fact that some strategic games are great for the skill development of students. When students play competitive or strategic-based games they develop a good sense of logical reasoning and can make quick correct decisions. 


Most games demand the attentiveness of students. Similarly, in a classroom, they learn to focus better and pay attention to the teacher. Educators also have a part to play here, they must be suggesting some video games so that students don’t get involved in useless games that do not contribute to their skill development.

Organized dramas


Understanding Shakespeare is difficult. All his dramas and plays are written in old English which is difficult to decipher even for teachers. Middle school students are seldom introduced to the Shakespearean language. Educators make an effort to allow students to understand Shakespearean language because possibilities are that in the future they would have to study a lot of it. They can ease into literary plays by acting out some of these in the form of dramas.


Even if students cut and edit the scenes of a drama online they learn other digital skills besides literature. Children who don’t like history might be interested in the subject if some historical events are also acted out similarly.

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