June 14, 2024

Reece Topley ruled out of England’s T20 World Cup squad with Mills called up

Another strange injury and another important player missing the T20 World Cup were the results of the game England did not want to play. Reece Topley, whose tumble over the promotional cushions during fielding practice at the Gabba in Brisbane on Monday before the team’s warm-up match against Pakistan resulted in two torn ligaments on his left ankle, will take a flight home before England’s tournament even starts, according to scans.

Tymal Mills has been added to the team as a substitute. Mills was one of three traveling reserves who was replaced by Topley in the 2021 World Cup squad midway through the competition due to a thigh injury. Luke Wood, a Lancashire resident who recently earned his England debut during a tour of Pakistan, will now go to Australia to join the group as a reserve. He is anticipated to rejoin the group in Melbourne at the beginning of the following week.

Topley’s injury comes after that of Jonny Bairstow, who slipped during a round of golf last month and shattered his left leg in three places and dislocated an ankle. Jos Buttler and Matthew Mott must now reshuffle their starting lineup for Saturday’s opening match against Afghanistan in Perth after an incredibly positive tournament run (https://in.1xbet.com/line/cricket).

In Monday’s game, Liam Livingstone, who was making his return from an ankle injury of his own, collapsed when turning for a second run. He lay on the ground for a short period of time before slowly getting to his feet. This fall would have worried England’s coaching staff. But he didn’t stop playing; instead, he subsequently recalled how this incident had significantly boosted his spirits.

It gave you a little bit of confidence, so it was really pleasant to slide, he added. “Given that I had a 12-week injury and we’re just at the end of week seven, I’m fairly delighted with where I’m at, and we still have a few days until the first game,” the player said. I simply wanted to make sure I returned to cricket and finished my bowling without going all out. It was going to be difficult to turn and do other things, but having a slip and feeling okay about it gives me a little more confidence.

With England’s tour to Australia beginning on the west coast, going to Canberra, then Brisbane in the east, and returning to Perth in the west, all within the first fortnight, Livingstone had to have his ankle firmly bandaged for every trip. Flying hasn’t been simple, he said. “I always have to compress it when I travel. I’ve done everything I can to ensure that I’m well and accessible on Saturday, but it has just been a little niggly. On Monday, I performed at 90%, which is the desired level.

Despite not giving it his all, Livingstone did manage to smash one enormous six, which rolled out of the stadium and landed on the top of the Gabba. When Harry Brook mocked him for not having cleared this stadium, Livingstone responded, “If ever there was a chance to do it, it was on that wicket.” Therefore, it was enjoyable to bat alongside Brooky at the moment. It’s excellent to start off with a few from the center. In terms of my batting, I still need to improve, but I’m getting there.

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