March 3, 2024

Priorities to Evaluate: Finalizing a PG Accommodation

Priorities to Evaluate: Finalizing a PG Accommodation

Both the Dashabhuja Ganpati Mandir and the Mrutyunjayeshwar Mandir can be found on Karve Road, and both were constructed by the Peshwas. Their history is really interesting. Kothrud is safe and has a significant amount of history.At first, it may be challenging to locate a paying guest (PG) accommodation close to Kothrud since you are required to visit the residences to check that they have a familiar atmosphere. It’s possible that finding a PG in the area may take many hours. The search for a compatible partner may be quite satisfying. Everything is okay if you are unsure of what to look for since we will explain it to you.

Everything depends on your likes, preferences, and inclinations. Someone else’s PG may correlate to your PG. Check if the property satisfies all of your requirements before making an upfront payment.


Before finalizing a pg in kothrud, check the following:

  • PG setting

Confirm the position of the PG before picking one to use. To cut down on the high expense of commuting inside the city, the PG you choose should be situated within a few kilometers of your place of business or education. If you do not have access to a car, there should be local public transit options.

You shouldn’t have to go far to get to parks, hospitals, restaurants, or marketplaces; they should all be near one another.

  • Which Is Better: a Furnished or an Unfurnished PG?

Your preferences and financial constraints will determine whether or not a PG is fully equipped. Prices for furnished apartments are often higher than those for unfurnished units. However, if you don’t have any furniture, trying to save money on rent might end up costing you more. You have the option of choosing a furnished or unfurnished private room.

  • Compatible roommates

Your housemates will become a surrogate family for you. Before you settle on a choice, check to see whether the possible roommates you’ll be sharing the space with are agreeable and flexible.If you share a PG, you need to be mindful of the behavior of your roommate at all times. Inquire about the potential roommate by asking questions. A roommate who is either a student or a party animal may keep the lights or music on the whole night. Both of these things will lead to sleeplessness.

  • Sanitary toilets

Before you commit, you should look in the bathroom of the PG. It is important to have restrooms that are spotless and sanitized at all times. Inquire with the management staff regarding the state of the restrooms. Check to ensure that the restroom has enough ventilation.You shouldn’t leave the PG without using the toilet there. Make sure that it is enough for your needs, particularly if you want to bring or rent a washing machine, and check the capacity beforehand.

  • PG’s delicious and nutritious meals


There are a lot of people that appreciate PGs since they provide tasty meals that are made at home. Your monthly rent will go up as a result of your choice to purchase a meal plan; yet, this is a smart move on your part. You will be provided with nourishing meals at the designated times.You won’t be able to obtain nutritious cuisine in any of the dhabas or restaurants that are nearby. It’s always a good time when you have a meal with your PG housemates. The jokes said over dinner will remain in people’s memories forever.It is more cost-effective to cook meals at home according to mealtimes than eating out, so that expensive dinners may be saved for special occasions.

  • PG time limits and curfews

Before selecting a PG, be aware of the return and curfew hours. If you are running late, ensure that the PG gates are open.

If your night shift ends between 2:00 and 3:00 in the morning, ensure that you can enter the PG without awakening other residents. If you prefer parties or loud music, inquire about the property management’s policies on these activities.

  • Essential cleanliness

Illness without parental supervision is a nightmare. Unsanitary circumstances invite disease and misery. Before reserving a PG, it is essential to check, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is possible that PG accommodations may not match your hygiene requirements. Visiting will make things clearer.

  • Timetables for housekeeping

Remember when your mother or servant would shut the fan to clean the room while you were sleeping? True?

Similar problem with PG dwelling. Or, cleaning takes days. Both situations are undesirable, so choose a paying guest room with a regular cleaning schedule.

  • PG protection


Everyone desires a safe dwelling. PG accommodations must be secure. The property should be well protected. You may need a security person and 24-hour surveillance to protect the property. The majority of PGs have security. PGs are safer than apartment leases.

  • PG stay records

Once you are pleased with the pg stay, determine what paperwork is necessary to finalize the room. Learn the rental advance, deposit, cancellation policy, and refund procedure. Obtain information about your required verification documents and lease deed or rental agreement. Ask whether the property management maintains tenant information for safety if you are worried.


Choosing a pg near kothrud might be challenging. If you consider the aforementioned factors, you may select the right PG for you. Hopefully, you are prepared to find PG accommodation. Begin online shortlisting before visiting. Cheers!

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