July 19, 2024

How online coding test platforms are transforming technical hiring?

The world has changed drastically since the Internet started taking charge to shape the modern world, and even more drastically when the COVID-19 virus hit us in 2019, locking us in homes and forcing every business to go totally online. Many businesses had to quickly adapt to remote work as a result of offices being closed and employees being unable to gather in person. As a result, more people are using digital tools like cloud-based software, video conferencing, and collaboration platforms. Workspaces are going fully online with a push to Work-From-Home culture.

This modern-day shift needs a modern approach to solve the troublesome process of recruitment and that is exactly where these smart coding test platforms come into play. Today in this article we are going to look at how and why recruiters across the industry are using online proctoring platforms for recruiting new candidates and will suggest how you can find a perfect online proctoring solution for your company’s recruitment drive. So without any further delay let us get started with this amazing article.

Reasons for choosing an online proctoring platform for recruitment drives

Businesses across the globe are moving towards a 100% online work-sphere, targeting end-to-end operations to be held in the comfort of home. Pushing operations to the online mode has proved to improve the efficiency of employees, save traveling time and energy in heavy traffic-prone metropolitan areas, and save the operation cost in maintaining expensive work-spheres.

This section is going to focus on the major reasons why businesses are choosing an online proctoring solution for their hiring process.

  • An effective and cheaper solution to aid Remote jobs

Online Coding Test platforms are an effective and possibly the cheapest way which has boosted the remote work culture in recent years. Remote jobs help you to work for any company across the world without physically being present on-site. Earlier, businesses had to restrict their hiring process to only candidates who were locally available to get interviewed on-site. But with the rise of these coding platforms, the hiring process has been extended for literally anyone across the globe who has a PC/laptop and is connected to a high-speed internet connection. This solution is way cheaper than the usual traveling cost the company had to bear while recruiting senior developers or operation managers. Plus, you don’t need to compromise even a bit on the quality of proctoring if you choose a good proctoring platform like Mercer | Mettl.

  • Simplified and faster assessment

These online platforms have not only reduced the upfront cost of the hiring procedure but have also made it a lot more simplified and faster by automating most parts of it using smart AI solutions and dashboarding tools. Now businesses hiring new developers can schedule, customize questions, send reminders for tests, dashboard the result of the candidate as a whole and individual, and finally send results with further details of the hiring procedure in a matter of clicks. The remote proctoring solutions have really made it simple for companies to hold recruitment drives in online mode, enabling thousands of candidates to simultaneously participate in the drive and the recruiters to filter the candidates with the potential they want.

  • Better Insights into the assessment available on the go

Gone are the days when the recruitment team had to keep a track of the hiring procedure manually in excel sheets and finally prepare graphs and charts depicting the effectiveness of the recruitment drive for the company meetings. Today, online proctoring platforms like Mettl enable its users and businesses to dashboard the entire results by automatically generating a summarised report of the drive as soon as it ends. The online coding test platforms make these highly useful insights available on the go and thus save a lot of time of the recruitment team, so that they can focus more on the Personal Interview rounds rather than the coding rounds which alternatively can be monitored using various web and AI tools, without even compromising a little on the quality of hire.

  • Reliable and Scalable solution to aid bulk hiring

To interview even a crowd as small as that of 50 students, traditional manual procedure is estimated to take up to 5 hrs. This restricts the company’s hiring team to interview students in bulk and process tons of applications at once. Therefore, businesses are now using these modern tools to assess thousands and thousands of candidates at once. These online proctoring tools are aided by AI tools that monitor the voice from the microphone of candidates, the video feed from the candidate’s end, the screen feed of the candidate, and the identity of the person appearing for the test, to ensure their are no chances of using any unfair means by the candidate. In some cases, the businesses can also opt for a plan that supports one-on-one proctoring even in the online interview mode so that the company’s hiring team can proctor the candidates personally in the final rounds, or in any rounds of interviews they want.

  • Zero downtime guaranteed

These modern tools of online proctoring guarantee absolutely zero downtime. This makes these solutions much more reliable on both ends i.e. for candidates and for the businesses hiring, even in case of huge portal traffic during the exam time.


Choosing the right online proctoring solution can be a really challenging task as you cannot risk the hiring process on just any other proctoring solution, but don’t worry we have got your back! We have an amazing recommendation for your business. Mercer | Mettl is an amazing online proctoring platform. It provides its users with unmatched proctoring solutions using which they can fully automate their online recruitment drives. You can opt for different packages on Mercer | Mettl having different features, and even customize the questions and any process of the interview as per your need. With Mercer | Mettl you can ensure an unbiased hiring procedure. Mercer | Mettl has earned the reputation of some large MNCs like Amazon, JP Morgan, Pesico, Cambridge Assessment, etc.

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