March 30, 2023

EuroBasket 2022: BRONZE!!! – Germany gets the medal

YAY!!! AWESOME!!! BRONZE!!! The German men’s national team won the bronze medal at the FIBA EuroBasket 2022, thus achieving the goal it had set itself and completing its collection of medals at European championships after gold in 1993 and silver in 2005. Come to 22Bet, and get the same emotions from the winnings as we do. In the small final in the EuroBasket Arena Berlin, the team of national coach Gordon Herbert defeated Poland today with 82:69 (19:14, 17:9, 18:26, 28:20). 12,913 spectators celebrated their team, which caused real enthusiasm storms in the whole country during the EuroBasket. The DBB men will continue in November with the World Cup Qualifiers against Finland and Slovenia.

Herbert sent his proven starting lineup onto the court: Dennis Schröder, Andreas Obst, Franz Wagner, Daniel Theis, and Johannes Voigtmann. Under the eyes of long-time captain Robin Benzing, Voigtmann and Obst threw their team – each with a three-pointer – in front 6:2 (2nd), and the DBB team had several chances to extend the lead. But some supposedly “easy” throws were missed, the defense, however, was adequate. Poland equalized after four minutes (6:6), both teams were still looking for a rhythm. Wagner made the arena cheer with a fastbreak dunk, and Theis followed suit shortly afterward (12:8, 6th). Poland, however, did not let itself be shaken off. Schröder scored from downtown and then increased the lead to 19:12 (8th), time-out Poland. The score was 19:14 going into the second period.

Dogged fight

The two stars of the Polish team, Ponitka, and Slaughter were excellently kept in check until then. The enthusiasm had not yet spilled over to the audience, and both sides made a lot of mistakes. But beauty prizes were not awarded, it was all about the medal. A fierce fight for every ball dominated the tense atmosphere on the floor (21:16, 14.). Germany maintained the lead at the free-throw line (25:20, 16th, Schröder). Obst’s three-pointer did a lot of good, Theis’ even more (31:20, 18th). The DBB selection seemed to be in a good way. Again Schröder made a three-pointer, Germany had its best phase and was also ahead by double digits at the turn of the game (36:23).

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